Standard Room US $25
Rest and be ready for your big day

When it is minus 20 degrees outside, after a hard day's trekking breathlessly into thin air, a warm and comfortable night's accommodation is all important to help you rest and be ready for your big day.

It is one of the warmest buildings in Lobuche

We made the walls very thick from local stone to trap the sun's generous heating in the daytime and give it back at night.

The walls and roof are lined with special, thick foam insulation, then wood covered and finished with fabric. Bedrooms are insulated in the same way so you can relax and enjoy the springy chiropractic mattress.

It is one of the warmest buildings in the upper Khumbu and yet we save scarce fuel while keeping it warm. Combined with solar panels to provide electricity from the sun, we know we're being as kind as we can to Mother Earth.


  • Breakfast: US $12
  • Lunch: US $15
  • Dinner: US $18